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First class training designed to deliver first class results.

Our training programs are developed to support your organization as you grow, helping you address the evolution of your organizational culture and achieve your sales and service goals. Our face-to-face, hands-on training programs draw on real-world experiences in the retail industry to provide informative, engaging and motivating learning experiences. Our core training classes, which can be enhanced or expanded as part of a tailored program for your organization, include:

Relationship Principles
This program educates your team on fine art of interacting with consumers face-to-face or over the phone, including:

  Knowing when, where and how to approach the consumer

  How to use engagement tools effectively

  How to qualify opportunities

  Overcoming objections

  Asking for the business

  Next steps

Growing the Relationship
This program develops the opportunity for the whole consumer by:

  Teaching the benefits of organic growth

  Developing prospecting skills

  Understanding cross-solving

  Practicing qualification

  Understanding relationship management

  Closed loop follow-up

On-Site Coaching
One-on-one coaching within your retail location includes:

  Effective implementation of the Relationship Principles

  Understanding the consumer's perspective

  Identifying areas of opportunity

  Providing targeted feedback

Please contact us to learn more about our training and consulting services.

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