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Wayne County Bank
Wayne County Bank
Martin Haggard, Executive Vice President
Waynesboro, Tennessee
22,700 total square feet

Faced with an outdated and outgrown facility, Wayne County Bank sought a solution to meet their Main Office expansion and remodeling requirements. Design Build Concepts began by developing a ten-year forecast of their space needs, based on historical asset growth, and then identified viable expansion options, including the construction of a new facility on the site.

Wayne County BankThe Bank opted to build a new main office and worked closely with Design Build Concepts to design a 22,700 square-foot facility.

With future retail opportunities in mind, shell space and a large meeting room were strategically located adjacent to the elevator on the second floor. For added flexibility, vaults on the first floor were extended to the second floor to provide additional fire proof storage and a safer environment for IT equipment in case of severe weather.

By carefully considering future employee, operations and retail requirements, Wayne County Bank’s new facility provides the capacity and flexibility to sustain the Bank’s future growth.

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